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024-0376 - Spare Parts - Circuit Board

024-0376 - Spare Parts - Circuit Board

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720 circuit board with two limit switches and potentiometer

This circuit board is for our 720 actuator product line. The circuit board has two limit switches, a eight position terminal block and has a feedback potentiometer. This feedback potentiometer is used to detect the stroke position.

Common terminal block wiring:

  1. Block 1: 12V or 24V + to motor
  2. Block 2: 12V or 24V - to motor
  3. Block 3: Blue Ground wire from control input
  4. Block 4: Red wire from control input
  5. Block 5: Black wire from control input
  6. Block 6: White wire from 1k Potentiometer Wiper
  7. Block 7: Brown wire from 1k Potentiometer +
  8. Block 8: Orange wire from 1k Potentiometer -



This item is designed to work with some of our 720 and 721 series actuators. For a list of actuators which already come with this circuit board installed, click the link below:

720 / 721 Series that use the 024-0376 Circuit Board

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