Actuator electronic controls

Our Electronic Control Module’s (ECM) are designed to maximize the performance and productivity of the ERC actuator. The Actus ECM allows for smart, closed loop control of our linear actuators. When the controller receives an input command, it sends a command to the actuator whose position change closes the loop. Any change in the command signal will result in a corresponding change in the actuator position. Fast and precise, our electronic and linear actuators can meet the exacting requirements of whatever application you are considering.


Our proportional ECM allows you to have fully proportional control, giving the operator an infinite number of position settings.

Proportional Electronics Series Product Sheet (PDF)


Control up to five positions using our positional ECM.

Positional Electronics Series Product Sheet (PDF)


Integrating our radio remote control system into your application combines our actuators versatility with the mobility of remote control operation. The added flexibility, improved safety, and increased production will make you and your product more effective.

Wireless Electronics Product Sheet (PDF)