720 Series Linear Actuator


The Actus 720 Series Actuator is a proven workhorse in the area of remote actuation. The 720 has remotely throttled engines and pumps, controlled variable volume pump outputs and valve positioning, and more!

Its simple design includes the ability of the operator to quickly and easily adjust the stroke from 0 to 3 inches.

A rugged cast aluminum shell protects it from dust and moisture, giving you peace of mind in the field.

Optional outputs vary from the standard rod and ball joint to push-pull cables made to your custom length. Other options include feedback potentiometer and complete wiring harnesses made to your specifications.

Finally, the 720 series actuator comes in a variety of speeds and forces to meet your unique application requirements.

The 720 model is available in 12- or 24-volt DC power with:

  • Stroke of up to 3 inches and 50 pounds of force
  • Various output speeds
  • Rod or cable output
  • Limit switches

720 Series Product Sheet (PDF)

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