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Items listed in our store are not our complete product offering. Be sure to browse our website to learn more about our product solutions.

Innovating Effective Motion Control Solutions for 70 Years.

We Build Custom Actuators, Controls & Rubber Latches

Download our Actus Product Guide which includes MOST of our products.

Actus Manufacturing is your leader in actuator manufacturing, with 60+ years of experience in actuator and controls design. Also called linear actuators, we can provide you with custom actuator, hand control and rubber latch designs tailored to your application.

Visit our Online Store to purchase current ACTUS products and replacement parts, including vintage ADDCO actuators and controls, hand controls, and rubber latches.

Whether using one of our basic actuator or rubber latch products customized to your unique application or an entirely new design made to your custom control design specifications, Actus is ready to help you!