Industries Served


DARPA and Snowplow

Because the Actus product is robustly designed, the automotive industry has been a good fit...

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Construction Equipment

Manlift and Cement Truck

Actus has been rooted in the construction industry for over 50 years. We’ve throttled engines; controlled valves; and...

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Off Highway

Skid Steer and Street Sweeper

Actus has had a wide variety of current and vintage off highway applications throughout the years. Our solutions have always...

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picture of a wood chipper and planter

Actus has solved a wide array of solutions in the agriculture industry, from latches for seeder lids to controlling...

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picture of an airport fire truck and a tug

Because our products can withstand the extreme environmental conditions both on and off...

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Hummer and Amor Transporter

Actus products have been in the military market since the 1980. Our focus on manufacturing highly reliable products...

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Industrial machinery

conveyer belt system

Our actuators and latches have found a small niche in industrial products. Whether we are holding an access panel shut or...

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picture of a golf cart and an ATV

As long as people have been on the golf course and on the water in a boat, Actus has been on board...

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picture of a mining truck and dump truck

Working in a mining environment means you are going to be around dust, noise, vibration, water, oils...

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picture of hovercraft and a small fishing boat

Partnering with many products in the marine industry, Actus has been able to provide solutions...

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